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I came to Kimi after taking antacids for 30 years. I was swallowing them by the dozens everyday. About ten years ago I also developed severe environmental allergies, and would wake up at 4 am in the morning, sneezing and wheezing for hours. The allergies had over taken my life.

Kimi took my history and came with the diagnosis that shocked me. She told me that my allergies stemmed from poor digestion. She also explained to me why popping antacids was actually aggravating my indigestion, and due to that, my system was not absorbing enough nutrition from the food I was eating. 

She suggested lemon juice in water, 2 times a day, combined with some diet changes. I stopped taking antacids in 10 days and now my allergies are also gone. She gave me my life back. Thanks Kimi!


I hated vegetables before I met Kimi. She has shown me that vegetables can taste good and they make me feel good too. I now love my salads and feel good knowing that I am eating to keep my body healthy for the long term.


I wanted to eat healthy but didn’t know how to put together quick meals that were nutritious. Kimi, thanks for helping me find healthy substitutions that I like. I have more energy and my digestion has really improved.